Alyssa Petrone

stars“I’ve been working with Sean for several months, and “The Transformation Coach” is the perfect tagline to describe him. When I first started training with Sean I was a 62+ soon-to-be grandmother of twins, and I was feeling my years. I was concerned not only about my waning strength but also about my balance, which was increasingly tenuous. Sean’s ability to patiently encourage me while simultaneously pushing just the right amount helped me to quickly progress. With each passing week I felt stronger, more flexible, and so much more confident. It wasn’t until the babies were born, however, that I realized working with Sean was much more than a “choice” to become more fit – it was a necessity. I am sure that I could not be the “grammy” my daughter needs me to be – bending, lifting, schlepping babies and equipment in both arms up and down flights of stairs, and even sitting on the floor playing – if it weren’t for Sean. Before each session he “checks in” with me to see how I’m feeling before beginning our workout. And his workouts are so thoughtful; he always makes sure to mix things up both to keep it interesting and to target every major muscle group. Somehow most of the exercises Sean designs for me manage to incorporate the core balance and strength that have been key to my personal transformation. Beyond his considerable experience and know-how, Sean is a deeply caring guy who, I know, is as committed to my success as I am. I’m grateful for Sean’s presence in my life, and it goes without saying that my transformation would not have been possible without the Transformation Coach!”

-Alyssa Petrone